Please don’t play with my heart. Play with my clítoris, it feels better.

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oh sehun mopping ur dashboard

oh sehun's infamous smile 

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Baek’s hip thrust 

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my hair and i have a very complicated relationship </3


i was funny once but it was an accident


i was funny once but it was an accident

The Lost planet Concert in Taipei - Chanyeol

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Hello this is Baekhyun. Even though this is very late.. I am leaving this message because I want to apologize for the pain and disappointment that I have given the fans.

Even though I’ve written, erased, and rewritten this many times, I felt that the number of excuses that I would be making would increase so I didn’t feel brave enough to reveal how I felt or to explain any misunderstandings.. Now that I think about it I feel that my words could have been meaningless.. and I thought I might regret my words in case they caused more pain so even now I am worried and I have a lot on my mind.. But I want to convey what I sincerely feel so I am writing this message.

I am so sorry for hurting our precious fans. I also want to apologize for all the misunderstandings that formed within this.

I don’t want our fans…to hurt anymore..Even though I lack so much, I will work hard to slowly become closer to all of our fans..

To me, EXO is an extremely precious name. I want to say that I have never said that I treat EXO lightly.

From now on, I will become EXO’s Baekhyun who works hard on stage and off.

I hope that you take this message as sincere..

trans: fy-exo | source: baekhyun’s instagram
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