Twice all the dangers, double all the troubles…

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cute baekhyun at sukira

jongin doing the mask dance(?)

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ARTIST: sehun
TRACK: esseu-ee-eichi-yoo-en


Sehun spelling his name like a champ.

D-22 to Luhan’s Birthday: Reasons why Luhan is the Perfect Bias (for me)
how he has his own fears and yet he’s managed to overcome it: it’s not a secret exactly how terrified luhan is of heights; it’s one of his biggest fears, to the point that it’s stopped him from enjoying himself several times now (taking care of the bags with manager hyung while they were in disneyland instead of going with the members to have fun on the rides, and not being able to enjoy riding on the cable car). and yet when he’s asked to do what he’s most scared of for work, he’s stepped up and surpassed it. seeing the videos of him pre-performance, it’s clear just how scared and nervous he is (poor bb T_T), but he manages to pull it off smoothly and professionally. although my own fears are different from his, knowing that he’s managed to overcome what he’s terrified of, inspires me so much to do the same, and it makes me say to myself, “if luhan could overcome one of his greatest fears, then so can i.”

chanyeol talking about baekhyun’s sleeping habit

chanyeol filming baekhyun 

cr 拿白贤手指剔牙

chanyeol grabbing baekhyun’s hand after laughing at him


KAI & XIUMIN in EXO’s First Box

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Kitten EXO


not sure if he’s cold or nervous.

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